The Best Climate Change Podcasts

The best climate change podcasts!

UPDATE: August 2017, This post is updated regularly as new podcasts on climate change are published.  Only the best podcasts make it on this page. Are you hungry for a good podcast on climate change?  I know I am.  Unfortunately the pickings are slim.  But I’m sure that will change in the coming years as climate change comes to dominate the nightly news. Fortunately, there are a few shining stars out there in podcast land, with more coming along every few months. Currently, the two best climate change podcasts out there are – Climate One from the Commonwealth Club in California, and Climate Continue reading The Best Climate Change Podcasts

Five Ways You Can Fight Climate Change Without Washington’s Help

Legislation, policy and diplomacy are the best ways to fight climate change.  President Obama had a great impact through policy and diplomacy. But now Trump comes along and puts in place one of the most anti-environmental cabinets ever.  The next four years will see a roll back of environmental protections of epic proportions — at a time when we can least afford it.  So what avenues do we have to pursue positive change? Here are five ways that YOU can fight climate change without Washington’s help… 1. Lead by Example When you lead by example your life is a model for others.  That Continue reading Five Ways You Can Fight Climate Change Without Washington’s Help

What’s Hot in Climate Change – August 2016

Welcome back to What’s Hot in Climate Change, a sample of a few of the stories that stood out from the past few weeks in climate change news. We hope your summer has been a good one so far. It’s been pretty damn hot here in Houston, hot as ever, but even so 2016 is already on track to blow away global records for the hottest year ever recorded. Which brings us to out top stories — a story of fire and ice. Extreme Heat in the Middle East Two places in the Middle East hit 129 degrees fahrenheit (53 centigrade) on July 15th. Continue reading What’s Hot in Climate Change – August 2016