Sylvia Earle, my new favorite scientist; and other tidbits

Sylvia Earle

I was recently listening to the ClimateOne podcast, one of the best podcasts about climate change out there.  They were interviewing Dr. Sylvia Earle, a famous oceanographer and outspoken advocate for the world’s oceans, about the decline of the worlds oceans.  She has been an oceanographer for some time, and is a pioneer in the field for women, and in general.  She was formerly NOAA’s Chief Scientist, among many other accomplishments, and is a National Geographic Explorer in Residence.

She’s very well spoken and really brings home the huge declines that have occurred in the world’s oceans due to human activities, such as industrialized, factory fishing and climate change.  Check out this snippet of video from that interview, then listen to the full podcast (click on the “Listen Now” button in the upper right hand corner of that webpage).  Your time will be well spent.

Dr Earle has a great quote in one of her Ted talks that sums up modern human’s interaction with the Earth environment… “The economy is a whole-owned subsidiary of the environment.”   Click here to watch her excellent Ted talk.


Sylvia Earle is pretty great.  But what’s even greater is that the world’s governments got together in Paris these last few weeks, and finally released an accord to address climate change.  The full text of the accord is only 28 pages.  You can download and read it for yourself.  Considering the importance to everyone on this planet, and future generations, everyone should read and understand it.  This accord is a good start, but there’s much more work to be done to avert the worst.

I recently found a great website about flooding.  The site is, and it has everything you ever wanted to know about flooding, and more.  This site tracks flooding events worldwide, has info on insurance and recovery, and is great all around resource.  It’s complimentary to this blog’s last post on how to prepare for flooding cause by climate change.  Be sure to check out their insurance page for great articles and info.

AGU Fall Meeting

Last but not least, this week marks the 48th annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union.  This is the premiere scientific conference for the earth and planetary sciences.  All of the latest and greatest research findings from planetary science, geology, oceanography, glaciology, and of course, climate science, will be presented at this amazing conference.   The Doc has a  Master’s degree in planetary sciences from long ago.  I have always wanted to go to AGU, but it never quite worked out… until now.  I’ll report back on what I learn.

Happy Holidays to all!