How to prepare for and survive a flood

This article is taken from a previous, longer article about the health impacts of flooding.  Here we focus mostly on flood preparation and recovery. A recent study titled Increasing Vulnerability to Health Effects before, during and after Floods, observed the following  in people who had experienced a major flood… Males had a higher risk of dying due to risk taking behaviors Females had a higher risk for anxiety, depression and PTSD Young children, the elderly, and those with a chronic disease (e.g. heart disease, lung disease, etc) had a higher chance of getting sick or sicker Poor people have bad outcomes because Continue reading How to prepare for and survive a flood

What’s Hot in Climate Change – Oct. 2016

Time for another What’s Hot in Climate Change, a summary of the most interesting and/or important climate change stories from the previous month or so.  For those paying attention, horrific news with respect to the climate seems to be coming at an ever increasing pace. There’s also plenty of encouraging news.  The adoption of alternative energy seems to steadily exceed all expectations.  The race is on between the worst effects of climate change, and those measures we take to stop it from happening.  Our fate quite literally hangs in the balance.   Corrected sea level rise estimates or… it’s worse than you know Continue reading What’s Hot in Climate Change – Oct. 2016

How to prepare for flooding caused by climate change

moving water out of the living room

In a previous post on extreme weather and flooding we learned that human-caused climate change is driving the increase in big storms and flooding, not just in the U.S., but around the world. People are dying, and more lives and property are at increased risk. Some important questions we could ask, include… What is the link between climate change and flooding? What are the health risks from extreme precipitation and flooding? How can we prepare? What do we do if we get flooded? How do we keep it from getting worse? Linking climate change and flooding Put in simple terms, burning of Continue reading How to prepare for flooding caused by climate change