How to prepare for flooding caused by climate change

moving water out of the living room

In a previous post on extreme weather and flooding we learned that human-caused climate change is driving the increase in big storms and flooding, not just in the U.S., but around the world. People are dying, and more lives and property are at increased risk. Some important questions we could ask, include… What is the link between climate change and flooding? What are the health risks from extreme precipitation and flooding? How can we prepare? What do we do if we get flooded? How do we keep it from getting worse? Linking climate change and flooding Put in simple terms, burning of Continue reading How to prepare for flooding caused by climate change

Drought, Climate Change, and Your Health

Despite the cold in the eastern U.S. this winter, the West was relatively warm and dry.  A warm dry winter in the West is bad.  It means less than normal snow pack, dry forests, forest fires, and the bad things that happen to people and communities as a result. When the forest is dry in the spring, it leads to an early fire season and bigger fires.  This is exactly what’s been happening in the West for at least the past decade or so.  These warm, dry winters are just one of many signs that we are heading into a drought Continue reading Drought, Climate Change, and Your Health

Welcome to the future!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. T. Goodwell. I am a physician with degrees in geology, planetary science, public health and medicine. I have done research into the health impacts of climate change.  I hope my background makes me the right person to talk to you about the effects of climate change on our health. I am excited to start a discussion with you about how we can better cope with the effects of climate change. This blog will discuss what we can do to improve our health and wellness, and reduce our environmental impact in the face of more intense heat waves, Continue reading Welcome to the future!