Fight Climate Change – Install Your Own LED Lights

LED lights are efficient, clean, and the quality of light can’t be beat, even by ancient incandescents.  Incandescent bulbs are down right primitive by comparison – it’s technology straight out of the 1800s, literally. Changing all of your bulbs to LEDs is pretty straightforward in most cases.  It can be as simple as buying a box of LED bulbs from your local superstore or online, and swapping them out.  However, sometimes you might have a pesky fluorescent fixture in your house. I just moved into a new house not long ago.  The place was built in the late 1980s and Continue reading Fight Climate Change – Install Your Own LED Lights

The shocking truth about alternative energy!

CO2 made for different sized homes using different energy sources

If you want to save money switch to LED lighting, insulate your home and buy energy-efficient appliances.  If you want to keep carbon dioxide out of the air the single biggest thing you can do is switch to alternative energy. That’s the “shocking truth”.  Why shocking?  Because no other single thing you do as an individual will have as big an impact on climate change.   In this post you will see the huge impact you can make by switching to alternative energy and how to get it for your home.  You can save money, prevent carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, and Continue reading The shocking truth about alternative energy!

Showertime is Fun Time!

I’ve been away at a medical conference and on a badly needed vacation the past two weeks, but fear not, this blog is back in action! We’ll start with something just for fun, a really fun and informative video from Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, from Texas Tech, who asks ‘What if climate change is real?” Followed by a demo of my new bluetooth controlled, multicolored LED light I just installed over my shower. And of course, that dern post about climate change and your allergies is still coming your way… Enjoy! Dr. Kathrine Hayhoe asks an important questions (and gives great Continue reading Showertime is Fun Time!