Why Divest from Fossil Fuels

divest fossil fuel

Well here we are again, talking about oil.  Oil, and other fossil fuels are the root of our problem; we can’t live with them, we can’t live without them.  At least not yet. But our romance with oil hasn’t been all bad.  No other source of fuel, save nuclear power, provides us with more energy by volume or weight.  Oil has made many people and countries fabulously wealthy, and lifted millions and millions of people out of poverty in the past hundred years or so. Oil powers every aspect of modern society, from the fertilizer and machinery on the farm, to Continue reading Why Divest from Fossil Fuels

Peak Oil Predictions – Only 50 Years Left!?

Peak Oil Predictions

Welcome to part 2… As you will recall, part 1 was a resurrected blog post from 2010.  Back in 2010, it looked like there was only 50 years of oil left for the entire world to use.  That was before the recent “boom” in U.S. oil production from the fracking of oil-containing shale rock.  How has this boom changed peak oil predictions?  Keep on reading to find out. Some important questions we came up with last time… What the heck is “fracking” anyhow? What does the increase in U.S. production mean for the future of oil? How does Saudi Arabia Continue reading Peak Oil Predictions – Only 50 Years Left!?

Peak Oil – Only 50 Years of Oil Left!

According to a great blogging site I follow, it’s a good idea to update and recycle old posts around the holidays.  So it dawned on me that I had a little gold mine stashed away in the form of an old blog I had a few years ago dealing with energy and climate.  So here are two oldies, but goodies from March of 2011.  Much has changed, but not really… The End of Oil (is closer than you think) I recently looked at an interesting slide-show on CNBC.com about the world’s 15 biggest oil producers.  They use the November 2010 production data Continue reading Peak Oil – Only 50 Years of Oil Left!