Who Survives Extreme Winter Storms?

surviving winter storms

Winter kills.  Extreme cold weather affects the elderly and very young children who can’t keep themselves warm, the homeless living on the street, and the poor who have to choose between food or heat.  Also, people who get trapped in their cars, or end up in an auto accident due to slippery roads, are also paying the price of extreme winter weather. The homeless are especially at risk.  When I was in medical school during my vascular surgery rotation at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, one night we amputated both feet of a homeless veteran due to massive frostbite and gangrene.  This happened in a big Continue reading Who Survives Extreme Winter Storms?

Divest and have a Happy(er) Valentine’s Day!

Today, just a quick post to say that Global Fossil Fuel Divestment Day has begun.  So why not take a look at your investments and see if you can switch to something less destructive.  Even if you are not an investor, there are still ways you can help. Check out these posts… Why Divest From Fossil Fuels – un-burnable fossil fuels, stranded assets, and corporate welfare Carbon Budgets Explored – how much can we safely burn?  I made some easy to look at graphs to help visualize this. Peak Oil Predictions — Only 50 Years Left?! – thoughts on fracking, Saudi Arabia, and just Continue reading Divest and have a Happy(er) Valentine’s Day!

A Salute to a Reality-based Organization!

Happy Veteran’s Day! And thank you for your service if you’re a vet.  The Doc did his time with Uncle Sam a while back, and wholeheartedly supports America’s veterans. I’d just like to point out to you that the United States military is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, having responded to nearly every major disaster and humanitarian crisis around the globe in recent memory.  After all, who else has the disciplined, well-trained people, supplies, equipment and global reach?  That’s a rhetorical question.  The answer is nobody else does. This of course includes here at home, where the National Guard and Continue reading A Salute to a Reality-based Organization!