The Top Five Climate Change Blogs

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Howdy Folks,

I trust you are preparing for a wonderful holiday season.  The Doc will be on vacation visiting family at an undisclosed mountain hideout along the Rocky Mountain Front Range.  A place where it often snows this time of year (with any luck!).

Before I go I will put The Climate Advisor on autopilot.  It should spit out a few posts over the holidays to keep you amused. But before I do that, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite climate blogs with you.  Some are oldies but goodies, and some I have recently discovered while doing research for this blog.  I’m sure I’m missing many good ones out there, so if you’ve got a particular favorite please share in the comments.

For the new year, I plan to write a few articles about the basics of climate change, then get deep into the health impacts.  There are SO many topics, I hardly know where to start!  So stay tuned for that.  It’s gonna be a great new year, people!

Thank you, be safe, and have a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!


  • Climate Central –
    • “An independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the American public.”
    • The news section is updated often, but the blog section is rarely updated (that’s what you’ve got me for!)  😉
    • They also regularly put out original, in-depth research reports on important climate change topics.


  • Real Climate –
    • “Climate science from climate scientists”
    • In-depth explanations of complex topics, using the latest data, explained by top scientists in the field
    • Great resources for talking to your denier friends and neighbors out there.


  • DeSmog Blog –
    • “Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science”
    • Started by a repentant PR man who wants to counter the huge anti-climate change PR campaign run by energy corporations and other entrenched interests
    • This site is a recent discovery for me, despite being around for a while.  I like the graphic on their front page.
    • The comment section of this site is under constant bombardment by internet trolls, which makes for amusing reading!


  • Grist –
    • “Grist is a source of intelligent, irreverent environmental news and commentary that’s been around since 1999… We cover climate, energy, food, cities, politics, business, green living…”
    • Politically a bit to the left, but great writing and reporting


  • High Country News –
    • “For People Who Care About the West” — “Our mission is to inform and inspire people — through in-depth journalism – to act on behalf of the West’s diverse natural and human communities.”
    • Not strictly about climate change, although they do write great articles on that topic.
    • Outstanding, award-winning, independent journalism.
    • You can get it in print too!

There you have it, a delightful set of lovely climate change ornaments for your mental Christmas tree.  Enjoy!