The Doc over Kuwait City

The doc flying in a Pave Hawk over the Persian Gulf, 2003

The mission of this site is to help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.  Many of these changes are disruptive and destructive — especially if we are unprepared.

With a little preparation and knowledge we can weather the storm and we may find that life is better on the other side.  What that means is that everything we do to adapt to climate change can potentially make us stronger, make our families more resilient, and create communities that are healthier places to live.

So what makes me the right person to bring this to you?

Having studied geology (BSc) and planetary science (MSc) I have a great understanding of the climate and the natural world.  Being a physician (MD) and a public health practitioner (MPH)  I understand the health impacts of climate change.  So I figured that I could pull all of this knowledge together to help people interpret and adapt to the rapidly changing world we live in.

In the end, climate change is not a political issue, it’s a matter of science and natural laws.  The climate is simply changing in response to the dramatic and all-encompassing effect that billions of hungry and ambitious humans are having on this world over time.

So please join me to keep the worst from happening and to spread the word about personal climate adaptation.


  • T. Goodwell