Climate Change, Deadly Heat and You

Heat, the environment and you

Heat waves kill hundreds to thousands of people around the world every summer.  Global warming is making it worse.  An especially hot summer day today will be a normal summer day in the future.  And the rare, deadly heat wave of today will become common.  In this post we’ll take a deep dive into the medical aspects of heat illness and the link to climate change. According to the CDC, heat is the leading cause of weather related death in the US.  From 1999 to 2009 heat exposure killed 7,800 people.  Not only that, but heat makes chronic medical problems Continue reading Climate Change, Deadly Heat and You

The climate agreement, 2 degrees, and your children’s future

Not too long ago, just after the Paris COP21 climate meeting, I read two interesting articles that contradicted each other.  The first said “COP21: Paris deal far too weak to prevent devastating climate change, academics warn.”  The second was more optimistic, “Rapid switch to renewable energy can put Paris climate goals within reach.” “So which is it?”, I wondered. The first one discussed a letter sent by eleven supposedly prominent climate scientists to The Independent that warned that the climate deal reached at the COP21 gives “false hope” and will result in insufficient action being taken. A few choice quotes Continue reading The climate agreement, 2 degrees, and your children’s future

The shocking truth about alternative energy!

CO2 made for different sized homes using different energy sources

If you want to save money switch to LED lighting, insulate your home and buy energy-efficient appliances.  If you want to keep carbon dioxide out of the air the single biggest thing you can do is switch to alternative energy. That’s the “shocking truth”.  Why shocking?  Because no other single thing you do as an individual will have as big an impact on climate change.   In this post you will see the huge impact you can make by switching to alternative energy and how to get it for your home.  You can save money, prevent carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, and Continue reading The shocking truth about alternative energy!