What’s Hot in Climate Change, Jan 2017

The Sky's The Limit

It’s been a while since “What’s Hot” was posted, and a lot has happened.  Trump is now President of the US, for better or worse.  What the impact will be is not entirely known, although he has installed possibly the worst cabinet imaginable with respect to the environment.  Scott Pruitt, former Oklahoma Attorney General and industry shill, caps the list of robber barons as the newly nominated head of the EPA .  Although in typical Trump fashion he is sending mixed signals.  He recently cancelled the Transpacific Partnership, which may actually be a good move for the environment, because the TPP would Continue reading What’s Hot in Climate Change, Jan 2017

China Outshines U.S. On Climate Change

The big climate change news from the last few weeks is that China has finally released it’s CO2 mitigation plan. It’s fairly impressive, all things considered. I’d call it a good start, and even though it’s fairly ambitious; however, just like the U.S. plan — it falls far short of what will eventually be required. But let’s just be hopeful for the moment. Here’s a quick rundown of what China proposes… Cut the amount of greenhouse gas emitted per unit GDP to 60-65% of 2005 levels by 2030 Put a nationwide cap and trade program for carbon dioxide in place Continue reading China Outshines U.S. On Climate Change

Debunking Climate Change Denial Myths

man installing solar panel on roof

Climate change denial is shifting from denying that it’s real, to saying why the fixes can’t work. Four common denial myths are debunked here. I was reading an interesting article on the Discovery Magazine website about the almost non-existent snowpack in the Pacific Northwest this spring after a really warm winter.  I was surprised by the ignorance of the comments left there by readers who are supposedly drawn to a magazine website about science. Among the steady stream of ridiculous rants, one caught my eye.  A gentleman there had managed to string together one false statement after another.  He seems pretty Continue reading Debunking Climate Change Denial Myths