The shocking truth about alternative energy!

CO2 made for different sized homes using different energy sources

If you want to save money switch to LED lighting, insulate your home and buy energy-efficient appliances.  If you want to keep carbon dioxide out of the air the single biggest thing you can do is switch to alternative energy. That’s the “shocking truth”.  Why shocking?  Because no other single thing you do as an individual will have as big an impact on climate change.   In this post you will see the huge impact you can make by switching to alternative energy and how to get it for your home.  You can save money, prevent carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, and Continue reading The shocking truth about alternative energy!

The one big thing YOU can do to save the world!

wind farm in the desert with mountains in the background

It may sound a bit crazy, but at least as far as carbon dioxide goes, it may not matter how much electricity you use, what kind of appliances you have, how well your house is insulated, or any other factor. Probably THE single BIGGEST thing you can do to reduce you and your family’s impact on the world’s climate is to use alternative energy.  Using less power and switching to alternative energy means you make less carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is made by combustion of fossil fuels, and it is THE cause of global warming, and the destructive climate change that goes with it. You may remember Continue reading The one big thing YOU can do to save the world!

The shocking truth about LED lights!

The shocking truth about LEDs

We recently learned that one LED light can save you money and cut your CO2 emissions. Question is… what happens if we replace ALL the lights in our house with LED lights?  Glad you asked.  I calculated a few numbers for you and put the results into some handy tables and graphs.  But first, a little bit of background info is required. According to an interesting blog post by a lighting company in Florida, the average house has 47 light bulbs.  So we’ll look at numbers for three different sized houses: a small house or apartment (24 bulbs), a typical family home (47 bulbs), Continue reading The shocking truth about LED lights!