How are your allergies affected by climate change?

One effect of climate change is that spring comes sooner and summer stays longer.  A longer summer makes ragweed and other plants pump out more pollen — making us miserable. An analysis of pollen data for the past few decades shows that the pollen producing season of ragweed has increased by up to 27 days as you go north from Oklahoma up into Canada. This is undeniable evidence of a warming world. Unfortunately, for folks like me, with a terrible allergy to ragweed, this is bad news.  Fortunately, I don’t have asthma, but for those who do, it’s even worse. Asthma can be triggered Continue reading How are your allergies affected by climate change?

Showertime is Fun Time!

I’ve been away at a medical conference and on a badly needed vacation the past two weeks, but fear not, this blog is back in action! We’ll start with something just for fun, a really fun and informative video from Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, from Texas Tech, who asks ‘What if climate change is real?” Followed by a demo of my new bluetooth controlled, multicolored LED light I just installed over my shower. And of course, that dern post about climate change and your allergies is still coming your way… Enjoy! Dr. Kathrine Hayhoe asks an important questions (and gives great Continue reading Showertime is Fun Time!

Climate Change, Your Money, and Your Life

I recently read two great books, one about the financial habits of millionaires, and the other about a way of thinking called Essentialism.  It occurred to me that part of being ready for the impacts of climate change, or your favorite calamity of choice, is being financially prepared. If you are hit by a disaster– be it a super storm, heat wave, hurricane, or invasion of black U.N. stealth helicopters, which is better?  Being caught off-guard and unprepared, or having enough to get your family through whatever comes? So today I’m going to summarize these two books and try to tie Continue reading Climate Change, Your Money, and Your Life