The Best Climate Change Podcasts

The best climate change podcasts!

UPDATE: August 2017, This post is updated regularly as new podcasts on climate change are published.  Only the best podcasts make it on this page. Are you hungry for a good podcast on climate change?  I know I am.  Unfortunately the pickings are slim.  But I’m sure that will change in the coming years as climate change comes to dominate the nightly news. Fortunately, there are a few shining stars out there in podcast land, with more coming along every few months. Currently, the two best climate change podcasts out there are – Climate One from the Commonwealth Club in California, and Climate Continue reading The Best Climate Change Podcasts

Fight Climate Change – Install Your Own LED Lights

LED lights are efficient, clean, and the quality of light can’t be beat, even by ancient incandescents.  Incandescent bulbs are down right primitive by comparison – it’s technology straight out of the 1800s, literally. Changing all of your bulbs to LEDs is pretty straightforward in most cases.  It can be as simple as buying a box of LED bulbs from your local superstore or online, and swapping them out.  However, sometimes you might have a pesky fluorescent fixture in your house. I just moved into a new house not long ago.  The place was built in the late 1980s and Continue reading Fight Climate Change – Install Your Own LED Lights

What’s Hot in Climate Change, June 2017

Welcome back to What’s Hot in Climate Change!  We start out with concerning new research that shows the planet may cross the 1.5C threshold of warming within 15 years.  The 1.5C threshold is what the Paris Climate Talks identified as an important goal to hold global warming under.  One result of global warming is sea level rise.  A recent study of US population displacement shows us that sea level rise is not just a coastal problem, but a problem for those places where the people displaced from the coasts will end up. If all this concerns you, there are plenty of Continue reading What’s Hot in Climate Change, June 2017