Welcome to the future!

Hello and welcome!

My name is Dr. T. Goodwell. I am a physician with degrees in geology, planetary science, public health and medicine. I have done research into the health impacts of climate change.  I hope my background makes me the right person to talk to you about the effects of climate change on our health.

I am excited to start a discussion with you about how we can better cope with the effects of climate change. This blog will discuss what we can do to improve our health and wellness, and reduce our environmental impact in the face of more intense heat waves, more forest fires, drought, flooding, extreme weather, and other climate-related changes.

Skeptics are welcome, as long as they can contribute in a positive way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts. In this blog SCIENCE rules over dogma and politics. Besides, even if you are a skeptic, many of the measures you can do to adapt to climate change are just plain good for you — no matter what!

I thank you all for joining me in this quest.

-Doc G.


Stay tuned for our upcoming two-part post…

– How NOT to catch Ebola!

– Is this Ebola outbreak linked to climate change?