The Best Climate Change Podcasts

UPDATE: August 2017, This post is updated regularly as new podcasts on climate change are published.  Only the best podcasts make it on this page.

Are you hungry for a good podcast on climate change?  I know I am.  Unfortunately the pickings are slim.  But I’m sure that will change in the coming years as climate change comes to dominate the nightly news. Fortunately, there are a few shining stars out there in podcast land, with more coming along every few months.

Currently, the two best climate change podcasts out there are – Climate One from the Commonwealth Club in California, and Climate Cast from Minnesota Public News.  America Adapts is a rising star, with great podcasts about climate adaptation, and interviews with people and organizations at the forefront of climate adaptation.

Check out the podcasts below…

Climate One logo1. Climate One

From their website…

“Climate One at The Commonwealth Club is a thriving leadership dialogue on energy, the environment and the economy. It brings together top thinkers and doers from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future.”

These folks manage to consistently put out great content.  They do in-depth interviews and panel discussions with important scientists, sociologists, activists, CEOs and politicians from the national to local level. Sometimes the focus is on California, but even then it’s still relevant and interesting. It’s an excellent podcast that I highly recommend.

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They also have video excerpts too.

MPR News - Climate Cast logo2. Climate Cast from Minnesota Public Radio

This podcast is usually about 10 to 30 minutes long, so it’s an easy listen.  It usually has a Minnesota focus, but they also interview people from government, companies and organizations at the national level.

It is especially interesting because the farther north you go, the larger and more evident the impacts of climate change become. So in this regard, as Minnesota goes, sooner or later the rest of us will follow.

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America Adapts logo

3. America Adapts

America Adapts focusses specifically on adaptation to climate change.  The podcast host, Doug Parsons, has an interesting resume, having worked on various environmental and conservation issues at several state and federal agencies.

Doug interviews a wide range of experts in the field of adaptation and climate change, from state and local government, to businesses, to conservation organizations, to international groups.  This podcast is just getting better and better.  I highly recommend giving it a listen.

The show on the “banning” of climate change in Florida by Governor Rick Scott was especially good.  Another great podcast was Community Based Adaptation – Under African Skies, where Doug went to Uganda, Africa to attend an international conference on climate adaptation.

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Foreast Podcast logo4. Forecast

Forecast is the newest podcast that I’ve been enjoying.  From their website, Forecast is “a podcast about climate science and climate scientists — long format interviews with Nature’s editor for climate science, Michael White.”

This podcast features a deep dive into the lives of climate scientists, the influences they had growing up, how they came to study climate science, and how all that influences their work.  The show usually starts with the personal stuff and progresses into a deep discussion of their work.  The first part is super interesting, and the second part can get a bit deep into the science, but it’s generally interesting as well.

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EcoShock Radio logo

5. Radio EcoShock

This podcast was suggested by reader of this blog, Gove, who said this podcast is great for keeping up with the latest climate science.  I have been listening to this podcast and I generally like it, but it is often a bit pessimistic, and sometimes veers into the world of crackpots — neither of which is particularly helpful.

That said, when this podcast is good, it’s really good.  One thing that’s nice is that it often has two or three segments, where a different person is interviewed or another topic is covered, so if one part is not to your liking, fast forward to the next section.

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Honorable Mention…

The following podcast(s) are of lesser quality, but often times interesting.

Green Biz 350 logo

GreenBiz 350

GreenBiz 350 podcast focusses on business and corporate sustainability and adaptation to climate change.  It can be interesting, but also quite dull at times.  But that may reflect my personal preferences.

If you’re specifically interested in sustainable business and supply chains then you will go nuts for this show. Also, the podcast is part of a larger website that deals with business issues related to sustainability and climate change, so be sure to check that out too.

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Besides these great serial podcasts above, there are many individual podcasts from various shows out there that are pretty good.

Here are two of them…

MIT - All EarsMIT All Ears – What’s the science behind climate change?

MIT science faculty members discuss the history and science behind Earth’s warming climate, and whether anything can be done to mitigate a rising global temperature.

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This American Life – Hot In My Backyard

From May 2013… “After years of being stuck, the national conversation on climate change finally started to shift — just a little — last year, the hottest year on record in the U.S., with Hurricane Sandy flooding the New York subway, drought devastating Midwest farms, and California and Colorado on fire. Lots of people were wondering if global warming had finally arrived, here at home. This week, stories about this new reality.”

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If you have a good climate change podcast that you listen too, please drop me a tweet (@DocGoodwell) or an email and if the podcast (or vlog!) makes the cut I’ll add it to this page.